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Lay your love on me, 1978


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Not Just Another 70's Music Site
With pic's of Racey on tour 1982

The Impossible Discography of Racey
With some photos from live gigs

Some Racey lyrics - add your own!

Racey on Vegas
Vegas Entertainment


The Story of Racey - in German

A couple of links from Martin in Germany

Racey pictures from "Walk of Stars 2002" Austria

A Rubettes site with pictures of Racey live

Muziek van de Jaren Zeventig
Dutch site with some details about 70's rock'n'rollers like Racey, Bay City Rollers, Osmonds, Mud and others

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Interesting links - others

Memorabilia and sutch...

Her own website. The Glam Rock star of all ages

The New Mud web
Another site by our webmaster. Did you know who the girl from "Drop everything and run" was? Find out here!

A Sweet fansite. Andy Scott's Sweet is still going strong. They weren't on RAK but the were on Chinnichap!

Jean from Belgium has this nice website

All the Web Sites
Interesting directory of internet websites


Sunday Herald
Our mentor, Mickie Most, died in 2003 at the age of 64 - sadly - we all loved that guy!

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Beautiful Records
Buy other RAK stuff

Rare Records
It is what is saiz - rare records

Memories Music
Another old stuff record company online

Glam rock
Some think Racey where glam rock - can you imagine?






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