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Lay your love on me, 1978


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From "Baby it's you"
Baby it's you - 1978

From "Lay your love on me"
Lay your Love on me - 1978

From "Some Girls"
Some Girls - 1979

From "Boy oh Boy"
Boy oh Boy - 1979

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A. Baby it's you (Norman/Spencer)
B. Rudi (Gower)
RAK 1978

A. Lay your love on me (Chinn/Chapman)
B. I believed you [MIDI-version] (Gower)
RAK 1978

A. Some Girls (Chinn/Chapman)
B. Fighting chance (Gower)
RAK 1979

A. Boy oh boy (Macari/Ferris)
B. Sensational buzz (Gower)
RAK 1979

A. Such a night (Most/Glen/Burns)
B. There's a party going on (Cameron)
RAK 1980

A. Rest of my life (Scott/Wolfe)
B. Cry baby cry (Gower)
RAK 1980

A. Runaround Sue (Dimucci/Maresca)
B. Hold me close (Gower)
RAK 1980

A. Shame (Gower)
B. Let me take you home tonight (Gower)
RAK 1980

A. Little darlin' (Williams)
B. Rock it (Gower)
RAK 1981

A. There's a party going on (Cameron)
B. High Street sunset (Gower)
RAK 1981

A. Not too young to get married (Greenwich/Barry/Spector)
B. Love games (Gower)
RAK 1982


Smash and Grab
RAK 1979

Some Girls
Disky 1995

Lay your love on me
Disky 1996

The Best of Racey
EMI Germany - includes some of the original B-sides

Say wow! Latest and greatest
CMC 1995. Track list:

1. Such a Night (To Have a Party)
2. Some Girls
3. Cry Cry Time [Free MP3!]
4. Lay Your Love on Me
5. Everybody Let's Rock
6. Boy Oh Boy
7. Say Wow
8. Runaround Sue
9. Still Comes Out the Same [Free MP3!]
10. Mad About the Girl
11. Kitty
12. I Mean It This Time
13. She's Different

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Smash and Grab
2 CD 2009 edition containing all RAK material

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Baby it's you - Racey - 1978
Baby it's you - 1978


Lay your love on me - Racey -1978
Lay your love on me - 1978


Some girls - 1979
Some girls - 1979


Boy oh boy - 1979


Such a night - Racey - 1980
Such a night - 1980


Rest of my life - 1980


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